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About Our Company

In a short span of time, we, K Recycling Inc. have gained high reputation in this segment as a trader and supplier. We have categorized our range in Domestic Recovered Paper, Imported Recovered Paper & Finished Paper Products. K Recycling Inc is one of the leading suppliers, traders & Indentors in the Paper Industry catering to all types of requirements in FINISHED PAPER grades namely Newsprint, Duplex Board, Copy Paper, Manila Board, Kraft, Testliner, Medium paper etc and RECOVERED PAPER grades namely sorted office paper, coated book stock, News8, Soft Mix, OCC, NDLKC etc in IMPORTED GRADES as well as ONP, Duplex, Record, Coverless Books, Hi-bright Record in DOMESTIC GRADES. Our distribution channel covers almost every part of the Indian Sub-continent. Customers who decided to give us a chance are proud of their decision. Not only are they satisfied by our products, they highly recommend our name to others. This has been the reason for our huge popularity in less time.

Our company has been based on the pillars of ethics and honesty. Customers who are associated with us are happy and trust us blindly. Every time they contact our company, our Team ensures transparency while dealing with them. We aim to create long term relations with all of them. Thus, we keep them informed about every business policy right in the beginning of the deal which eliminates the risk of confusion afterwards which could ruin our terms with them.

Policies of Our Company

Although we are new in the industry, through our efficiency we have proved our capabilities. All customers have provided us their feedback. According to them, we are a company to trust and an enterprise that is beneficial to associate with. There are certain policies of our company owing to which we:

  • Make decisions which are most suitable to our clients
  • Welcome partners belonging to any background and identity
  • Involve every Team member while taking decisions
  • Treat each and every customer, partner and employee with respect
  • Focus on retention practices to strengthen our relations with customers
  • Stay firm in front of challenges and never run from our responsibilities

Our Objective

We aim to become the number one trader and supplier of Finished Paper Products & Recovered Paper. In addition to this, our mission is to promote the importance of the recycling process and its positive impacts on the environment.

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Contact Us

512, Level 5, JMD Regent Square MG Road, Gurugram, Haryana, 122001, India
Phone :09899310325